I’m sorry this legit almost made me cry, it’s so fucking sad that people continue to take her there over and over even going as far as asking her what she’s doing with her own career like that’s none of your business? RIGHT do you really think Bruno would date someone who was keeping him from what he loves the most. THINGS AND PEOPLE HE LOVES, HELLO?? She’s talking about us, fans, hooligans. You guys need to cut this shit out man, it’s flat out fucking rude and disrespectful to her and ESPECIALLY to Bruno. Hopefully one day some of you will realize just how stupid you’re being and you’ll reevaluate you’re own life choices because this right here should not be happening and it needs to over with. You are a fan number one over anything, you are not Bruno’s friend, his wife, his sister or brother, you are a fan so act like one and respect the man’s life and his choices. He’s in love man and as much as he’s messed up in the past I think he wants to make this one right guys, so please let him be.

This right here…..truth!

Truthfully not really. I really don’t care. I don’t care that Prince doesn’t have a Twitter. (Laughs). I want to think Prince is waking up in the morning and eating diamonds and about to take a ride on a majestic pony being Prince. I don’t wanna know if he is at the Gap and he got some khakis. (Laughs). I like the mystery. I like the mystery of when I see a show. Now everyone has their camera phones out and your show is on YouTube in an hour. I didn’t have that as a kid. That’s something I guess I gotta get used to.

(Q:”But when you were a kid growing up, didn’t you want to know about the personal lives of the stars?”)

Bruno Mars, interview with Killer Boom Box in 2010 

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I wish the fanbase would read this and let it sink in just a little. We do NOT need 24-7 access to Bruno. We really don’t. .